Precisely How to Correctly Store your Priceless Jewelry In Your House?

04/15/2013 22:11

You have various options to store your jewelry in the event that your jewelry is actually spilling over from the jewelry box or if you misplace your cherished jewelry because of insufficient space or even due to lack of suitable storing facilities for your necklaces and earrings. In order to keep just about all your jewelries tidy and to guard them from virtually any scratches or even breakage, all you need to do would be to follow these straightforward suggestions to store your precious jewelry or cosmetic jewelry.

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Storing Necklaces

You must never put all your necklaces with each other simply because they get tangled easily. Disentangling them may take much time and there's always a danger of damaging the chain. The very best solutions to store necklaces are either to hang them up or put them in individual compartments of a jewelry box or some kind of storage system. If you prefer to hang these pieces, together with your cameo necklace, then choose only those that are usually manufactured from wood or plastic. However the metal ones has to be stored inside an air tight container or simply wooden box to prevent it from discoloration, staining, or smudging.

A simple however effective means of hanging necklaces is actually by using a clothes hanger. However, in the event that you prefer to show them on the top of your dresser, then you might consider purchasing a necklace tree. There are generally numerous types of storage boxes you can purchase too. A plastic storage box will enable you to see your necklaces before you open it up. The alternative option to a plastic box would be a wooden jewelry box that may serve as a decorative purpose too.


Due to their size earrings may end up getting lost very easily. Since earrings are fragile you have to handle them with utmost care to protect against any damage or breaking of your valuable set of earrings. You can either store your earrings within smaller jewelry boxes or hang them on earring trees which are particularly ingeniously built to securely keep earrings.

Stud earrings are not an ideal choice for hanging as they can go missing. Instead you can store them within pouches or keep your much more costly earrings within the box they came with.


Like the earrings, you'll be able to very easily misplace these types of pieces, although they are easier to store. If you think they can end up being hung as well, then reconsider, as you may only increase the risk of misplacing them.

Instead, keep the rings in very small jewelry boxes made for rings or keep them in their original container as well as place these minor boxes inside your big jewelry container. You'll be able to buy a black jewelry armoire to store the rings, as well as other items of jewelry. These kinds of storage box come with numerous little drawers where you'll be able to put in your rings and earrings, but additionally they feature hooks and side doors where you are able to hang necklaces; various other types additionally have a built-in mirror.

Secure Storage

In the event that you have some fine inherited jewelry, you'll be able to store it within just an ordinary box. You can obtain a fire resistant lock storage to always keep your jewels safe or perhaps decide on a locked case, which you can easily take it along with you in the event of an emergency.

Right now you understand that you can appreciate a number of advantages from picking a jewelry box that is not only effective, but one that is easy to handle too.